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Custom Supply Chain Optimizer

About The Client

A world leader in industrial gases servicing industry and healthcare.

Project Overview

Project Overview

  • Manage the development of a complex supply chain that optimizes manufacturing of products at about hundred locations in the US, and delivers them to 6,000 sites, using pipelines, railcars, and 400 trucks


  • Deregulated power markets in some regions (the price of electricity changes every 15 minutes in parts of Texas)
  • Two business units with opposing performance metrics
  • Lacks technology to support the business process
  • Implementation of leading edge Swarm Intelligence Framework
  • No standards for defining requirements resulting in missed deadlines and budget overruns


  • Facilitated requirements workshops to develop a holistic solution develop with input from both business units
  • Developed a computer model based on emerging algorithms inspired by ant-based strategy to manage the truck routes for delivering industrial and medial gases
  • Utilized agile development method with 2 week sprints
  • Restructured performance metrics to focus on US production optimization and track cost savings
  • Implemented change management strategy to accelerate the ROI of the change routing and product optimizer
  • Employees accepted model results after six months of parallel runs against manual process

Business Impact

  • New system forced truck drivers to work against intuitive behavior patterns
  • Required two opposing business units to work for a common goal
  • Centralized decision making from Operations Control Center
  • Real time Executive decision making dashboards
  • Projects deadlines were being met
  • OPEX budgets showed 5 percent increase in profit margins within first 100 days.
  • Employees accepted to model results after six month of parallel runs against manual process
Business Impact