Operations Control Center

Operations Control Center Upgrade, Business Analysis & Communication

Unit Turnaround, Organizational Redesign, Branding, Change Management and Communication

About The Client

A world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health. US large industries division

Project Overview

Project Overview

  • Turn around a demoralized mission critical operations business unit after a flawed restructuring attempt.
  • Upgrade the Operations Control Center (OCC) to central data manager while allowing 130 of 201 refineries capability to run decentralized for and sync to central for local optimization.


  • Lack of trust for management and company.
  • Mission critical group that had been together for 20+ years and collectively held over 152 patents – a lot of type A personalities.
  • Global operations didn’t align with US operations resulting in decentralized decision to avoid business risks.
  • Cyber threats required infrastructure changes requiring capital investments.
  • Leading edge technology being introduced into infrastructure.


  • Engaged 3rd party to conduct one on ones to provide anonymous feedback and recommendation for moving forward
  • Appointed leader that had respect and trust of team
  • Branded unit as Operational Technology for Intelligent Solutions (OPTIS) to evaluate their contributions for global visibility
  • Facilitated Stakeholder forums to promote mutual understanding for risk verse economic impact
  • Conversational Intelligence training
  • Cross functional training for knowledge transfer

Business Impact

  • OPTIS was globally recognized within organization and served as member of WIM – unit that leveraged knowledge across 80 countries (R&D think tank)
  • Improved trust and communication thru implementation of C-IQ tools and coaching
  • OPTIS was labeled High Performance Work Team
  • Transformed image from cost center to 3 million value add
  • Captured IOM+ in recurring savings in six months
  • Collaboration on technology with vendor “strategic partner” to license software for resell and com pany would share in profits
  • Branded Unit
Business Impact