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The Secret Weapon
Gwen Mitchell

Are you looking for a speaker who will provide an engaging, thought-provoking discussion that motivates the audience to reflect on their contribution to creating work environments that encourage the perspective of others while supporting a sense of belonging?

Gwen Mitchell is a presenter who designs an interactive experience that leads people to apply new ways of thinking, listening, and being.

Her presentation style is the perfect blend of professionalism, and spicy candor with care, as she shares a message that can impact all generations.

As a thought leader in conversational intelligence, business process improvement, inclusive change, and building mentally fit teams, Gwen helps people by providing tools that build their resilience.

On stage, she brings innovative ideas that add value to veteran and new workforce professionals. Gwen teaches audiences how to recognize what no longer serves them and shift to growth mindsets and principles based on easy collaborative flow when working together to deliver desired outcomes.

Her results speak to the quality of her presentation: many of Gwen’s clients bring her back year after year to drive people and process improvements within the organization. Every speech is relevant to today’s issues and caters to the needs of each audience.

As a published author her book projects demonstrate the expertise she brings to each presentation:
Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence @ WORK

Volume 1- Mindset & Belief Systems

Volume 1- Mindset & Belief Systems

Volume 2 – Strategies & Goal Methods

Volume 2 – Strategies & Goal Methods

Volume 3 – Action & Implementation

Volume 3 – Action & Implementation

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Empowered to Experiment:
How different can make the difference

Create Effective Teams That Value the Importance of People One Conversation at A Time

Learn how to skillfully rethink and retool to transform the performance of your teams by lifting the quality of conversations? Starting conversations with possible stakeholders that communicate sincere interest in the others’ success is one of the most powerful elements in business. Intentionally developing ‘Optimal Inclusion’ is a sustainable strategy that bolsters team focus, ensuring the right perspectives are in the room for better decision-making.

The long-term benefits of inclusive teams have proven to be quality relationships that produce innovative solutions, increased respect for others, and clarity for engaged participation.

Objectives of the Keynote:

This interactive keynote/workshop delivers the following:

  • The gap between Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inhibit harass judgement of yourself, others, and circumstances.
  • How the brain reacts to effective and ineffective interactions
  • The five key domains that influence our behavior in social situations